Foundry Images

Find out more about our Simulation Bureau service aimed at foundries that want the benefits of simulation but cannot justify software purchase, or have no member of staff to operate it.


Throughout this website you can view simulation videos of FLOWCast Mould Filling in processes including: Complex Steel and Iron Castings and Aluminium Castings.

You can also view SOLIDCast Freezing Progression via Critical Fraction Solid Time Plots in a large iron casting, although it works equally well with all casting processes except high pressure diecasting.

Casting Simulation and Foundry Management

At AF Software Ltd we are experts in making software work for the benefit of metalcasters, with applications ranging from casting design and solidification, to production management.

We are serious about our mission of assisting metalcasters improve their businesses. Since 1977 when we launched our first foundry product we have amassed a wealth of experience with foundry software and its implementation. We suspect this is a record unequalled anywhere in the world and now as then we are 100% committed to systems on low cost PCs and networks.

SOLIDCast is a graphical modelling and solidification simulation package for analyzing casting behaviour and predicting casting defects. It uses digital simulation of liquid metal behaviour during pouring and subsequent freezing to predict defects in castings, well before any shopfloor work commences.

Foundries that use simulation software avoid costly design mistakes and dramatically shorten development cycles. SOLIDCast is incredibly simple to use and outsells all equivalent products. The SOLIDCast family also includes OPTICast and FLOWCast packages.

SYNCHRO32 is a database-driven foundry planning package that organizes tasks including production scheduling, quality assurance, and work-flow tracking. It is widely perceived as the worldwide market leader of foundry specific manufacturing software.