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For a foundry unfamiliar with the simulation concept, assuming they have a 3D CAD file, we will quickly simulate and analyze their casting free of charge using their own proposed methoding. They are given the results in a formal study, together with details of what we can do and cost.


"We have used the AFSoftware Simulation Bureau for eighteen months. Defect eradication in new and difficult casting designs has been impressive. We now intend to offer all clients the option of solidification simulation for new jobs."

John Bennett, Chairman Lost Wax Developments

Simulation Bureau Service

As SOLIDCast UK agents we are sometimes asked by small foundries, who have seen a demonstration of the software, whether we can use it on their behalf. As a result we launched our Simulation Bureau Service in 2008 and were swiftly awarded a number of contracts from small foundries.

In each case the mode of operation was the same. The foundry manager described the problem and supplied a 3D CAD model of the casting (in .STL format only). This is almost always provided by their potential customer. Details of the alloy, mould process, temperature of pouring and other details, were provided by the foundry who also explained their preferred casting layout.

Using this information we were able to use SOLIDCast on their behalf to simulate and evaluate their proposed method of manufacture for a fixed fee. If the proposed way of making the casting was unsuitable and shrinkage or other defects were predicted, we used SOLIDCast to guide us to a satisfactory technique. In all cases, once we had accepted a contract we persevered with it regardless of how many simulations were ultimately required.

One group of new customers has surprised us. They are not foundries at all, but buyers of castings. Several have approached us asking if we can simulate jobs they intend placing with particular foundries.

We believe the buyers are concerned that many smaller foundries lack analytical facilities which are the norm for the buyer companies. They wish to safeguard themselves by having our Simulation Bureau service provide the simulation analysis instead.