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The foundry industry has often been described as a Global Village. The culture in the casting industry has always been people oriented. Foundry specialists from around the world can usually communicate regardless of language.

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This section of our website is dedicated to helping communication. The links on this page may help 'castings people' to widen their list of useful contacts, regardless of whether they make castings, commission them, provide R&D facilities, offer training and professional membership or publish useful information on-line.

We intend to extend the list over time.

Useful Outside Links

We have assembled a short list of websites that we think you might find useful.

Finite Solutions, Inc – Hamilton, OH, USA
Creator of SOLIDCast with a website that offers downloads and general advice.
MatWeb Material Property Database – Blacksburg, VA, USA
Publishers of on-line material properties database with 73,000 pages of data. A useful second source of data acquisition, which can often be used in SOLIDCast.
Lost Wax Developments Ltd – Kidderminster, West Midlands, UK
Manufacturer of complex investment castings in a wide range of materials, including carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, cobalt, nickel, copper and aluminium-based alloys. A current user of the AF Software Simulation Bureau service.
American Foundry Society Inc – Schaumberg, IL, USA
The primary professional society for the American castings industry. AFS provides a wealth of information, advice, training courses and know-how services to members both corporate and individual in USA and to international members worldwide. Information potentially useful to users of SOLIDCast and Synchro32 software is published by AFS.
Institute of Cast Metals Engineers – West Bromwich, West Midlands, UK
The institute for all individuals involved in the castings industry and associated industries. The website provides information potentially useful to users of SOLIDCast and Synchro32.