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We hold seminars on topics associated with the effective use of the software packages, on a periodic basis at suitable geographical locations.



We present relevant papers at national and regional conferences, as well as other industry gatherings. Our people are all skilled presenters with many years of experience.

Our Services Include:

Software Demonstrations
of the products for which we hold licences - SOLIDCast & SYNCHRO32. Normally carried out on-site at the foundry’s premises they usually involve working with casting designs and manufacturing facilities familiar to foundry staff involved.
Sales of Software Packages
We sell both SOLIDCast & SYNCHRO32 packages. Alternatively we can discuss with you the payment options available.
Installation of SOLIDCast Software
on customers’ hardware. We advise customers initially on hardware needs and take on the responsibility of ensuring smooth installation.
On-Site Instruction
of client's personnel in use of the solidification software. Once trained personnel are empowered to use the software support services for the relevant package. Training requirements are: SOLIDCast - two days, FLOWCast - two days, OPTICast - one day.
AF Software Simulation Bureau
provides help on a project-by-project basis. We simulate and analyze the behaviour of new jobs or problem castings using SOLIDCast software on our computers, with one of our experts operating the system for you. Sometimes such work is done remote from your premises, often at our offices. Find out more.