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SYNCHRO32 has been developed continually since 2001, and is the fourth generation of foundry specific software from the worlds’ most experienced foundry software team.

Earlier software in this series (starting in 1977) has been used with great success in more than 500 foundries worldwide.

Over a 30 year period the fundamental characteristics of the software remained constant, regardless of computers used. The key features have remained ease of use and relevance to the industry.


“The system is easier to use than I ever imagined. We are able to alter documents by ourselves and we update the system monthly from the support website.”

Humphrey Davies, Cerdic Foundry Ltd, Somerset

“We linked Synchro32 to our accounting software ourselves, it really was quite simple. The email-based support has worked brilliantly.”

Brenda Cunningham, T&L Foundry, Oklahoma USA

SYNCHRO32 - Production Control and Management Information System

SYNCHRO32 organizes every aspect of the foundry, from receipt of orders to shipping of finished castings. In between it schedules production, monitors work movement, records scrap, analyzes quality and provides historical traceability. Effectively, it runs your entire business on an everyday basis, streamlining organization and making ISO 9000 or QS 9000 far simpler to implement. In addition, it links to virtually any Windows based accounting package, including best sellers such as Sage, ACC-PAC and Great Plains.

SYNCHRO32 is available from single user (starting at £50 per month rental) to much larger systems encompassing 30 or more screens. The rental charge covers all support and updates for the system. Training is available on-site, but is often supplemented with remote keyboard Internet instruction. There is a fixed-price menu for all services.

For more information contact us, so that jointly we can decide whether the SYNCHRO32 system is a sensible way forward for your foundry. During the past two years we have helped half a dozen UK foundries investigate the system. Most have adopted it, seeming to have very much appreciated our non-pressurized handling of their enquiry. We think that a decision of this magnitude requires and deserves careful dispassionate counsel rather than salesmanship. We look forward to helping you reach the right decision for your foundry.

The image below shows a casting product record as held in Synchro32.

Synchro32 ScreenShot