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If you would like a dispassionate appraisal of your foundry's requirements for computerized production control we suggest an in-depth discussion with one of our specialists. We know all the available foundry production systems and have worked with many of them.

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Let us act as your guide in this area. We can discuss your needs in terms of: Order Processing, Scheduling, Process Tracking, Product Traceability, Quality Documentation, Shipping and Invoicing Documentation and of course Linkage to the Accounting System of your choice.

Even the more esoteric needs such as shopfloor data collection via Touch Screen computing can be included.

Why Use Foundry Specific Manufacturing Software?

Foundries are a unique environment. The reasons are not immediately apparent, but once identified, they usually appear obvious. Most manufacturing industry, whether in large scale production, small-batch manufacture or jobbing, operates within common guidelines.

Products are usually made to be held in stock awaiting demand from numerous different customers. This is not case with foundries which almost always manufacture against specific customer orders.

Most industries manufacture ranges of standard products which will be bought by many potential customers. For example, shoemaking, electronics, and motor cars industries work this way. Foundries do not - they make specific product designs for specific customers.

Almost uniquely, foundries destroy their tools whenever they make a product. Sand moulds are smashed when extracting castings for cleaning, as are investment shells.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) concept - critical to most manufacturing operations - is non-existent in foundries. Most Computer Assisted Production Management (CAPM) systems available are based around the concept of BOM. It is hardly surprising then that they are not a good fit for foundries.

Most foundries experience so much process time variability that they gave up routinely timing operations several decades ago. The average CAPM system requires accurate job times to use for their planning purposes. Hence the average CAPM system is not usable in a foundry.

It is clear that foundries need very different production planning systems to those generally available. That is why a Foundry Specific Manufacturing Package - of which SYNCHRO32 is the most widely used example - makes the perfect control solution for foundries.